Florida Pension Board votes for Elon Musk’s 2018 CEO Performance Award

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With just over a day before Tesla’s 2024 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting, the company’s large investors are drawing a line in the sand. Among them is Florida’s Pension Board, which noted that it voted for the ratification of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s 2018 compensation plan. 

As could be seen in the Florida State Board of Administration’s official website, Florida’s Pension Board followed Tesla management’s suggestion with regard to Elon Musk’s CEO Performance Award. The Florida Pension Board explained the rationale behind its vote as follows. 

“Equity plan exhibits very high levels of pay-for-performance and requires the attainment of strict performance objectives with a strong performance orientation. Plan’s design is very well structured,” the agency noted. 

Credit: Florida Pension Board

The Florida Pension Board currently holds 2.89 million Tesla shares, making the agency the electric vehicle maker’s 80th largest investor. 

While the Florida Pension Board voted for the ratification of Elon Musk’s 2018 CEO Performance Award, the board voted against the proposed redomestication of Tesla from Delaware to Texas. As per the agency, the reincorporation of Tesla to Texas is not in the best interests of shareholders because corporate case law is less mature in the Lone Star state. 

“Not in shareholders’ best interests and may provide uncertain benefits and additional legal risks. Relatively less mature corporate case law environment in Texas,” the agency noted. 

The Florida Pension Board also voted against the election of Kimbal Musk into Tesla’s Board of Directors. This, according to the board, is due to Tesla’s directors not being sufficiently independent. Interestingly enough, the board also voted in favor of electing James Murdoch into Tesla’s Board of Directors. 

Tesla’s 2024 Annual Shareholders Meeting, also dubbed as the 2024 Cyber Roundup, will be held at Giga Texas, 1 Test Road, Austin, Texas, on June 13, 2024. The event, which will be accessible to the public through a livestream, is expected to start at 3:30 p.m. CT. 

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