Ford patent draws inspiration from the Tesla Model X

Ford has patented a new gullwing door design, which likely takes a little inspiration from the Tesla Model X.

Besides Tesla’s evident impact on the auto industry switching to electric vehicles, its other significant contribution is to automotive design. Despite all of its vehicles now being on the market for numerous years, they maintain a futuristic essence to them. In turn, this design focus has also worn off on other automakers, who are now pioneering some of their most exciting designs yet.

Ford’s newest patent for a gullwing door design exemplifies this fantastic rededication to vehicle design and creating unique and creative pieces. The design features a massive side door, which simultaneously opens both the front and rear seat areas.


As seen in the pictures provided in the patent, which Ford received from the U.S. Patent Office earlier this week, the door design is featured on a large SUV with a sizeable and comfortable interior. But despite initial looks, mechanically, the door seems to operate significantly differently than the system in the Tesla Model X. As seen in the pictures below, as opposed to hinging the door from the center of the roof, the entire door comes away from the vehicle and is lifted off by a system of motorized arms.

Astonishingly, this isn’t the first time the Blue Oval has attempted gullwing doors, and its first iteration, first displayed on the 2018 Lincoln Navigator concept vehicle, shares many design features with its newer design sibling.

Besides the apparent resemblance in design, the two examples also feature the same entrance system; a motorized extending staircase that greets the occupants as they walk into the vehicle.

It should be noted that, despite their similarities, these two-door systems seem to be iterations of each other, with different design choices implemented. Most prominently, in the patent design, only one side of the vehicle opens with the massive wing door, whereas the working prototype used two doors, one for each side. Moreover, the interior of the prototype model was far more traditional, with a set of captain’s chairs instead of the lounge setup seen in the patent illustrations.

It remains unclear if or when such an exciting door design could make its way to the car market. However, with Ford’s Lincoln brand finally dedicating itself to electrification, bringing such an exciting design feature could undoubtedly attract a new group of customers. I, for one, am excited to see the new design make its way to reality.

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