German officials criticize anti-Tesla Giga Berlin protests

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German officials have expressed their disappointment at activists’ “days of action” against Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg. This was true for Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and the East Brandenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), both of whom shared their thoughts with German media. 

In a comment to Funke media group (via rbb24), Minister Habeck noted that once the protesters attempted to break into Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg’s premises, things were no longer reasonable. This was because in Grünheide, the border of the protest was the border fence of Tesla’s premises. “The protest ends there, the criminal liability begins,” the Minister said. 

Minister Habeck also criticized how the activists targeted Tesla due to the company’s production of electric cars. “No one can have an interest in Germany without automobile production. We are campaigning for the cars of the future to be produced here — and for jobs and added value to be kept here. And Tesla also builds cars like that,” Minister Habeck said. 

The East Brandenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry is in the same page, with Monique Zweig, general manager of IHK Ostbrandenburg, telling rbb24 on Monday that the anti-Tesla activists’ actions will likely have adverse effects on the economy of the region. “We just had one company settle here in the region, which was a ray of hope for all young people who wanted to stay here in the region. This will be permanently damaged by these actions,” Zweig said. 

IHK department head Robert Radzimanowski also noted that in general, several companies in East Brandenburg have already adopted a rather pessimistic outlook about the future, with a current economic report reportedly indicating that 80% of companies rate their situation as satisfactory or bad. A low willingness to invest in the area was also observed. The “days of action” against Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg likely deterred more investors, Radzimanowski noted. 

Radzimanowski also criticized the way the dispute surrounding Giga Berlin-Brandenburg was going. “The local politicians in Grünheide and the region have their names and faces in the public eye. And opposite them is a group of masked people who in the end threaten to come back if – from their point of view – the right decision is not made. We find that very strange,” the IHK official said. 

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