Anti-Tesla protesters’ “days of action” end in 23 arrests, 27 injured policemen, and 76 criminal complaints: report

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Authorities have noted that activists’ “days of action” against Giga Berlin-Brandenburg ended with 23 people being arrested, 76 criminal complaints being filed, and 27 police officers being injured. 

Anti-Tesla group Disrupt Alliance claimed last Friday that about 800 participants took part in demonstrations against the electric vehicle maker, and the protest size exceeded 1,000 people. Videos shared online showed numerous protesters running towards Giga Berlin-Brandenburg, and photos on social media showed some Model Y units being vandalized. 

Despite the chaos of the day, Tesla and law enforcement authorities have claimed that protesters were unable to break into Giga Berlin-Brandenburg’s premises. And as noted in an rbb24 report, during the entire duration of the protesters’ “days of action” against Tesla, 23 people were apprehended by the police. A total of 76 criminal complaints have been filed as well, with five being brought before a judge. 

A total of 27 police officers were also injured during the anti-Tesla protesters’ “days of action” against the EV maker. The authorities, however, did not provide any information about injuries on the side of the anti-Tesla protesters. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk initially responded on Friday to news about the protesters’ demonstrations against Giga Berlin-Brandenburg, stating on X that the activists did not manage to break into the facility’s fenceline. Later posts from Musk, however, showed that the CEO was quite surprised at the focus of the activists on Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg. “Something very strange is happening since Tesla was the *only* car company to be attacked!” Musk wrote in a post on X. 

With the “days of action” against Tesla done for now, all eyes are now on the Grünheide municipal council’s planned discussion on Giga Berlin-Brandenburg’s proposed expansion on Thursday. Anti-Tesla groups such as the “Turn off the tap from Tesla” alliance, the “Stop Tesla” group, and the “Disrupt Tesla” initiative, among others, have noted that they intend to be present at the municipal council’s upcoming meeting. 

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Anti-Tesla protesters’ “days of action” end in 23 arrests, 27 injured policemen, and 76 criminal complaints: report
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