Hertz massively expands Uber EV partnership with 25,000 more vehicles

Tesla Model 3 at Hertz (Credit: Hertz)

Hertz has massively expanded the number of EVs available to Uber drivers in Europe to help both organizations achieve their respective climate goals.

Hertz and Uber have had a substantial partnership in North America over the past year, which has allowed Uber drivers to rent EVs from Hertz at a discounted weekly rate. Thus far, 50,000 drivers have taken advantage of that program. Now Hertz will be offering European drivers the same deal, introducing 25,000 EVs to European Uber drivers by 2025.

According to Hertz’s press release, the company will make 25,000 EVs available to European Uber drivers to rent at a discounted rate. This program will begin in London, England, but will quickly expand to Paris, France, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, in the coming year. Pricing information was not made available in the press release, but North American Uber drivers can currently rent from Hertz for as little as $260 per week (211 British Pounds, or 240 Euros).

Thanks to deals Hertz has made with Tesla and Polestar, many of the EVs available for rent will come from one of these manufacturers. However, via a multibillion-dollar deal with General Motors, Hertz’s offerings may also include GM products in the near future as well.

Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, commented on the possibility of this deal to further Uber’s climate goals: “As the largest mobility platform in the world, we know that our impact goes beyond our technology. Climate change is the most urgent global challenge which we must all tackle together – now is the time to accelerate. Expanding our partnership with Hertz into Europe will significantly boost our transition to zero-emissions, helping drivers reduce running costs and cleaning up urban transport. We aim to become a 100% electric platform across Europe by 2030.”

As pointed out by numerous Uber drivers over the past year, the benefits of switching to electric vehicles aren’t just relevant to Uber corporate. Uber drivers benefit from lower fuel and maintenance costs and higher earnings from using an electric vehicle instead of a gas alternative. And in some locations, the choice of electric or gas is becoming a non-question due to regulations imposed by many European governments.

In many European cities, certain areas are not open to gas-burning vehicles. As those areas expand in the coming years, drivers will need to switch to electric if they wish to maintain access.

Hopefully, thanks to deals like the one with Hertz, Uber drivers can more easily switch to EVs than ever before. And suppose other corporations, including ride-share businesses like Lyft, see how beneficial these deals can be. In that case, it may become possible for more and more people who drive for a living can switch to a higher-earning, cleaner, and more sustainable mobility solution soon.

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