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Hertz CEO shares insights on Tesla rental demand: “Very, very solid”

Tesla Model 3 at Hertz (Credit: Hertz)

It appears that Hertz’s bet on electric vehicles like Teslas is paying off. During a recent interview, Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr highlighted that the all-electric vehicles in the company’s fleet of rental cars are seeing a lot of demand.

Hertz made headlines almost a year ago when the American car rental giant placed an order for 100,000 Teslas as part of its efforts to transform its fleet into sustainable vehicles. In more recent announcements, Hertz also ordered EVs from other carmakers such as Polestar and General Motors. 

In a recent segment on Yahoo Finance, the Hertz CEO was asked if the company’s Tesla fleet was attracting interest among clients. Scherr did not skip a beat when he responded that the demand for Hertz’ Teslas is very healthy. The CEO explained that Hertz’s Teslas are not only being rented by travelers and ride-haling drivers — some are being used by corporate travelers who work for companies that are looking to lower their carbon footprint. 

“Demand has been very, very solid. And remember, we’re seeing demand not only among leisure travelers but also corporate travelers, where in fact, corporations want their employees in an electric vehicle to satisfy some of their carbon footprint objectives. And of course, we’ve been renting to Uber and Lyft as part of their ride-sharing network. Demand across all three has been very strong,” the CEO said. 

Hertz is looking to have 25% of its fleet be electric vehicles by the end of 2024. So far, only about 5% of the company’s rental fleet is electric. Despite this, the momentum for EVs seems strong for the car rental giant, especially as Hertz has been seeing some substantial savings in the maintenance of its electric vehicles. 

“I’d also point out from a financial point of view. For Hertz, the maintenance is appreciably lower on (the) electric vehicles. We’re seeing it 40-50% lower, just given the nature of the car itself,” Scherr said. 

The Hertz CEO also addressed the potential issue of range anxiety for customers, stating that the company is actively looking to secure charging support for its electric car fleet. On Tuesday alone, Hertz announced an EV charging deal with BP, with the company planning on having support for thousands of charging stations across the country by the end of 2023. Of course, the company’s Tesla fleet is already supported by the Supercharger Network, which is arguably the best rapid charging network for electric cars in the United States. 

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Hertz CEO shares insights on Tesla rental demand: “Very, very solid”
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