Louisiana Dealership caught posting misleading Ford F-150 EV listing on Facebook


Aaron Ebenezer, the owner of the post, contacted Teslarati with a statement. He told us that his intention was not to deceive the audience but to inform them that with a minimum amount of $5,000 initial investment with approved credit, someone could own the F-150 EV.

“I was the Salesman that posted the All-Electric F-150 Truck on Facebook Marketplace, my intentions were not to deceive the audience but to inform them that with a minimum amount of $5,000 initial investment with approved credit, someone could own the F-150 EV.”


A Louisiana dealership is playing tricks on potential customers by listing a used Ford F-150 Lightning EV for $5,000 on Facebook. In a tip emailed to Teslarati, our reader shared photos of a conversation with the dealer rep in a private Facebook group. I did some digging and easily found the listing.  

The listing is for a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum and says that the vehicle is $5,000 and has been driven for 400 miles. According to the listing, it has an automatic transmission but it is an electric vehicle.

The full listing reads as follows from the screenshot below. In the screenshot, I blotted out the rep’s name and phone number. 

“The new Electric F-150 is huge for Ford and, really, for the car industry at large. 

“The F-150 has been the bestselling vehicle in America for over 40 years now, which means an EV F-150 is a big step towards electrifying cars, period.” 

“From a huge panoramic sunroof, heated/cooling seats, 360 cameras, Navigation System, Apple🍏,📱Android play to Hands-free Cruise(Autopilot) mode. This truck goes from 0-60mph in 4.3 secs 🤯, the fastest EV truck available to drive currently, even faster than a Raptor!!!” 

“This beauty charges fast from 15% – 80% in 45mins. At 100% it goes 325 miles, + battery 8yrs warranty 100k miles.”

“On top of the bed space, it also has an empty hood space for luggage and extras.” 

“Annnnnd that thang’s screen is MASSIVE!!!” 

At the very bottom of the description, it was noted that the $5,000 price was the “suggested deposit WAC.”


Screenshot taken by Teslarati


According to the emailed tip, the dealership is also posting to the North Bossier Online Yard Sale Facebook group, a private group that is no longer accepting new memberships. (I tried to join.) The screenshot below is from the group and shows group members asking why the dealership changed the price from $139,999 to $5,000.

Screenshot provided anonymously to Teslarati. Note, this was from a private group so we blacked out the names and profile photos of the members.

The dealership representative replied, “People have a problem with the price so, why not put the starting down payment?”

Someone else replied to the dealer rep, “It wouldn’t be so bad if the price wasn’t jacked up by $45K over MSRP.”

Dealerships are well known for being highly misleading and money hungry. A simple Google search can tell you that. Tesla is suing the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association (LADA), the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission (LMVC), and several of its dealer board members after uncovering communications between the LADA and LMVC members “evidencing a common purpose to exclude Tesla from operating in Louisiana.”

Note: Johnna is a Tesla shareholder and supports its mission. 

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