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New Australian big battery gets 40 Tesla Megapack deliveries

Credit: Tesla

Australian firm Genex Power has announced a key milestone in the development of its first big battery. The company has confirmed that all 40 Tesla Megapack batteries have arrived at its Bouldercombe battery site in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. The project has a capacity of 50MW/100MWh.

Genex has noted that the arrival of the final piece of crucial equipment significantly reduces the risk of delays to the big battery. The battery storage project is still on track to hold its first energization by the second half of 2023, and full operations are still expected by the end of the year. Once operational, the Megapack-powered Bouldercombe battery is expected to become Genex’s next big earner. 

As noted in a Renew Economy report, Genex has a rather unique arrangement with Tesla that guarantees minimum revenue and share in higher profits. Tesla would be operating the big battery using its Autobidder software, which the electric vehicle maker describes as a “real-time trading and control platform that provides value-based asset management and portfolio optimization.” 

Autobidder has been deployed successfully in Tesla’s other big battery projects, including the Hornsdale Power Reserve (HPR) in South Australia, which once held the title of the world’s largest battery installation. Genex, for its part, has shared its optimism about its agreement with the electric vehicle maker. 

“Importantly, the Agreement (with Tesla) delivers the ability to capture revenue from a fixed guaranteed amount to ensure that Genex participates in the revenue upside from significant pricing events,” the Australian firm noted. 

Genex is among the last listed companies in Australia whose business is focused on wind, solar, and energy storage. The company has seen some momentum as of late, with Genex announcing its first-ever net profit last month. The increase in earnings came from its solar farms at Kidston in north Queensland and Jemalong in western New South Wales. The company’s Tesla Megapack battery farm could very well provide Genex with even more push in the future. 

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New Australian big battery gets 40 Tesla Megapack deliveries
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