Porsche premieres Macan EV: 161 MPH top speed, 3.1s 0-60, 100 kWh battery

Porsche unveiled its Macan EV today, bringing its second all-electric car to market and releasing some interesting details regarding its performance and power.

Ten years after the launch of the Macan, Porsche is bringing the vehicle in what it calls “a bold new direction.”

Porsche has kept a lot of the same design features with the EV version of the Macan, hoping to build upon its already successful status as a mainstay in the company’s lineup.

“Our aim is to offer the sportiest model in its segment with the all-electric Macan. In many ways, we are taking a very successful SUV to a new level,” Jörg Kerner, VP of the Macan for Porsche, said.

Initially, Porsche plans to bring two Macan configurations to market: the Macan 4 and Macan Turbo, both offering different performance metrics.

  • Porsche Macan 4
    • 300 KW | 402 HP
    • 479 lb-ft torque
    • 0-60 MPH in 4.9 seconds
    • 136 MPH Top Speed
  • Porsche Macan Turbo
    • 470 KW | 630 HP
    • 833 lb-ft torque
    • 0-60 MPH in 3.1 seconds
    • 161 MPH Top Speed

Premium Platform Electric with 800-volt Architecture

A lithium-ion battery with a gross capacity of 100 kWh and 95 kWh of usable energy powers Porsche’s new Premium Platform Electric with an 800-volt architecture. This is the first time the automaker is using this on an EV.

It has a DC charging capability of 270 kW, and Porsche said the Macan will be capable of charging from 10 to 80 percent in just 21 minutes under ideal conditions.

It also explains that, at 400-volt charging stations, a high-voltage switch in the battery pack will enable bank charging by splitting the 800-volt battery into two batteries, effectively creating two 400-volt batteries. This will keep charging efficiency at a maximum without using an additional lithium-ion booster.

Additionally, the Macan EV will use regenerative braking that allows up to 240 kW of power to be recuperated through the electric motors while driving.

Premium Handling

When Porsche initially developed the Macan, it wanted to keep things simple but still allow the vehicle to encapsulate what it calls “quintessential Porsche driving dynamics and a characteristic steering feel.”

This was also put into focus with the Macan EV.

“Thanks to its particularly sporty seat position and low center of gravity, as well as its impressive driving dynamics and steering precision, the new Macan delivers a real sports car feeling,” Kerner adds.

Both configurations of the Macan EV will feature all-wheel-drive with two electric motors. It is also equipped with the Porsche Traction Management system (ePTM), which operates around five times faster than a conventional all-wheel-drive system, and can respond to wheelspin within 10 milliseconds.

Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, or PTV Plus, is an electronically controlled differential lock on the rear axle. This helps improve traction, driving stability, and lateral dynamics.

Spacious Interior and Increased Room for Luggage

The Macan was designed with practicality in mind. Porsche details that, depending on the configuration and equipment fitted, the capacity behind the rear-seat bench is up to 18 cubic feet.

The frunk also features 2.9 cubic feet of room, which increases the total space in the vehicle to 4.4 cubic feet greater than the previous Macan model.

High-Tech Driver Experience

A free-standing 12.6-inch curved instrument cluster is complemented by a 10.9-inch central display.

The Macan EV also features, for the first time, a passenger option to view information, adjust settings on the infotainment system, or stream video content while the car is being driven on its own 10.9-inch screen, which is optional.

The Porsche Driver Experience, however, features a head-up display with augmented reality technology. It also features navigation arrows which are visually integrated into the real world.

Both Android Automotive OS and Apple CarPlay are featured in the Macan EV’s new-generation infotainment system. Porsche Communication Management will allow the driver to say “Hey Porsche” to access anything from suggested routes, charging stops, and other crucial information.

Pricing and Availability

Porsche plans to bring the Macan to market within the second half of the year, but customers can order it immediately.

The Macan 4 is priced at just $78,800, while the Turbo configuration will be $105,300. Each price does not include the $1,650 delivery, processing, and handling fee.

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