Rivian Max Pack battery option appears in R1 configurator and inventory

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian Max Pack battery options have appeared in the R1S configurator and R1T inventory shop. It hints that Rivian may have started producing units with Max Pack battery options. 

Rivian Forum members first noticed the availability of the R1S Max Pack in its configurator on Monday. At the same time, they also noticed that the R1T Max Pack option appeared in Rivian’s inventory shop, although customers noted that it was not clickable.

Further inspection of the configurators revealed that the Max Pack battery is available with only Rivian’s Performance Dual Motor AWD drive system for the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV. Rivian’s Performance Dual-Motor AWD drive system is an additional $5,000 for both R1 models. 

The Rivian R1T’s Max Pack battery has an EPA estimated range of 410 and will cost an additional $16,000. The EV automaker noted that the R1T Max Pack must have 21-inch tires to get 410 miles of range. Rivian estimates that the R1T Max Pack’s range drops to 380 miles per charge with 22-inch tires and 355 miles per charge with 20-inch tires. The Max Pack battery for the R1S costs the same and has an EPA estimated range of 400 miles. 

An R1T Performance Dual-Motor AWD costs $94,000 with the Max Pack battery and basic options, like 21-inch wheels and gray paint. Meanwhile, the R1S Performance Dual-Motor AWD costs $99,000 with the Max Pack battery and basic options. 

Some Rivian Forum members wondered if paying an extra $21,000 for an R1 Max Pack order is worth it. 

“Before people gripe about how it’s “not worth it,” keep in mind that it’s likely more expensive because every battery cell has more advanced chemistry.

It’s not just more large pack cells. You’re getting more range without any added battery pack weight. IMO, this is significant. And the max pack cells probably have a different charging curve than the large packs. We’ll have to see!” Said DuoRivian.

“I know a bit about battery chemistry. And the only mass-market 21700 is a 5800ah model (Large Pack is 5000), which you can use to figure out exactly what the extra kWh is. And 16k or 10k, it’s still insanely overpriced. 

Trust me, I’ve been following this for a while as Rivian has slowly walked back on the Max Pack promises. Oh, and that cell change? Sure, it might be a different charging curve (my guess is worse, not better), but get ready for some negative side effects, like steep degradation.” Said Supratachophobia.  

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