Rivian R1T VIN decoder hints at Dual Motor option among 2022 models

(Credit: Rivian & NHTSA)

The NHTSA’s Rivian VIN decoder hints that the EV maker may be looking to produce a Dual Motor R1T variant, perhaps as early as this year. In a previous statement, Rivian told Teslarati that it had not started R1T production yet, but is completing employee training builds. 

A Rivian forum member named TimF recently found Rivian’s VIN deciphering document in the NHTSA database. The document had some interesting tidbits, including the absence of the R1S SUV and the presence of a Dual Motor configuration.

Rivian has been very quiet about any projects involving a Dual Motor version of the R1T or its SUV sibling, the R1S. As far back as 2018, when the R1T and R1S were unveiled, Rivian’s data sheets for the vehicles always listed Quad Motor configurations. 

When Rivian went live with the Launch Edition earlier this year, the focus was also on Quad Motor configuration. Even its current website, Rivian does not refer to a Dual Motor variant for the R1T and focuses on the Quad Motor instead. 

The Rivian VIN decoder showed model years for 2022 and 2023, hinting at R1T pickup trucks to be produced in 2021 and the next year. Delving deeper into the NHTSA’s database, Teslarati observed that Rivian’s VINs for the R1T had results for both Quad Motor and Dual Motor variants for the all-electric pickup truck’s 2022 model year. 

Teslarati found references hinting at a Dual Motor R1T for each trim of Rivian’s all-electric pickup truck, including the upcoming Adventure and Explore packages. 

Rivian’s Explore Package is the company’s most affordable trim for the R1T at $67,500. That price is for the Quad Motor version of the truck. If Rivian is looking to release a Dual Motor version of the R1T, the company could open the doors for a more affordable variant of its electric pickup truck. An affordable Dual Motor R1T would be more competitive when compared to the Ford F-150 Lightning’s consumer variant and the Tesla Cybertruck Dual Motor AWD. 

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