SpaceX Starlink dish gets a 50% discount in the US

(Credit: Starlink)

SpaceX’s Starlink dish was recently discounted by as much as 50% for new users in the United States. 

Elon Musk’s aerospace company slashed the price of its new V4 Starlink dish. Customers will get different discounts depending on the service plan they choose.

Customers who order from Starlink’s official website, Best Buy, and Home Depot will get a $100 discount, dropping the price of the V4 dish from $599 to $499. The V4 Starlink dish is also available at Target.

However, SpaceX also launched a “regional savings” discount in 27 states, offering an additional $200 discount. The “regional savings” discount is available to new customers who subscribe to the residential service plan. With the “regional savings” discount, the price of a Starlink V4 dish drops from $499 to $299 for some massive savings. 

(Credit: Starlink)

“In the United States, new orders in certain regions are eligible for a one-time savings in areas where Starlink has abundant network availability. 

“$200 will be removed from your Starlink kit price when ordering on, and if activated after purchasing from retailers, a $200 credit will be applied,” explained Starlink’s official website. 

Below are the policies for customers availing Starlink’s “regional savings.”

  • Customers who change their service address to an address that is not a regional savings area will be billed the amount of the regional savings.
  • Customers will not be permitted to change their service plan for 6 months after the date the order is placed, unless they contact support and agree to pay the regional savings.
  • Customers may not transfer a Starlink Kit to another user until 120 days after the date the order is placed, or 90 days after activation of the Starlink Kit, whichever comes first.
  • Customers who cancel their Starlink within the 30-day trial period, do not return the Starlink Kit, and do not pay for their first-month of service, will automatically be billed for the amount of the regional savings.

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