Tesla slightly increases Model Y LR price in China

(Credit: Tesla China)

Tesla slightly increased the price of the Model Y Long Range in China. 

The Dual-Motor Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD in China starts at RMB 306,400 before options. Previously, the Model Y Long range started at RMB 304,400, meaning Tesla increased the price of the LR variant by 0.66%.

According to CnEVPost, Tesla has increased the price of various models in China five times in November. In fact, Tesla increased the Model Y Long Range’s price just last week by RMB 2,000 from RMB 302,400 to RMB 304 400

Earlier this month, Tesla increased the Model 3 Long Range’s price by RMB 1,500. At the time, the company also raised the Model Y Long Range’s price by RMB 2,500. In mid-November, Tesla increased the price of the base Model 3 by RMB 1,500 and the base Model Y by RMB 2,500. 

As of this writing, Tesla China sells the Model Y RWD version at a starting price of RMB 266,400, and the Dual-Motor Model Y Performance starts at RMB 363,900. Meanwhile, the base Model 3 starts at RMB 261,400 while the Dual-Motor Model 3 Long Range starts at RMB 297,400. 

Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 RWD variants qualify for China’s limited-tie insurance subsidy of RMB 8,000. The insurance subsidy is available from November 28, 2023, to December 31, 2023. The offer does not apply to certified pre-owned vehicles. 

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