Tesla China implements new price increase for Model Y Long Range

(Credit: Tesla China/Weibo)

The Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) has received a new price increase. While the new price increase was notably minor, it does suggest that the current demand for the all-electric crossover in the domestic Chinese market is healthy. 

As noted by Tesla China in an announcement on Chinese social media, the price of the Model Y Long Range has been raised by RMB 2,000 yuan ($280). The vehicle’s new price can also be seen on the company’s official order page for the Model Y. With its recent price increase, the Model Y Long Range now starts at RMB 304,400 ($42,741).

Prior to its recent price adjustment, the Model Y Dual Motor AWD was listed in China with a price of RMB 302,400 ($42,460). This suggests that the recent price adjustment only represented a 0.66% price increase. 

The Model Y Long Range’s new price increase is the fourth price adjustment that Tesla China has implemented in the past month. While the electric vehicle maker only produces the Model 3 sedan and the Model Y crossover in Giga Shanghai, specific price hikes have been rolled out to specific trims of the two premium electric cars in the past weeks. 

On October 27, the Tesla Model Y Performance received a RMB 14,000 ($1,965) price adjustment, pushing the vehicle’s starting price to RMB 363,900 ($51,095) before options. This price increase was followed by another round of adjustments on November 9, which was rolled out to the Model 3 Long Range and the Model Y Long Range. The two vehicles received a price increase of RMB 1,500 and RMB 2,500, respectively. 

Finally, on November 14, the price of the Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and the Model Y Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) was raised by RMB 1,500 and RMB 2,500, respectively. 

Unlike previous price increases, which are typically just rolled out on Tesla’s official order pages for its vehicles, the price adjustments that have been implemented as of late were practically announced beforehand. Some price adjustments were even communicated to local media outlets in advance, which industry watchers saw as a potential strategy to encourage customers to purchase vehicles as soon as possible.  

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Tesla China implements new price increase for Model Y Long Range
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