Tesla Cybertruck to receive Cabin Overheat Protection in upcoming update

Credit: diagnosticdennis/Instagram and @smile__no via Tesla Owners of Santa Clarita Valley/X

It appears that the Tesla Cybertruck will be receiving another useful feature in an upcoming update. As per a recent interaction on social media platform X between a Cybertruck owner and a Tesla Lead Engineer, Cabin Overheat Protection would be coming to the all-electric pickup truck in an over-the-air update soon. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is already being delivered to customers, but the vehicle is yet to receive access to some features like Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (Supervised). And as noted by Cybertruck owner @VoyageATXBen, the current absence of Cabin Overheat Protection in the Cybertruck would be quite a problem in the summer. This sentiment was shared by other Tesla owners, several of whom noted that the feature should be released for the Cybertruck soon. 

In a response on X, Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morrill confirmed that the feature will be released in an upcoming OTA update. The Cybertruck Lead Engineer seemed to hint at Cabin Overheat Protection’s imminent release in his post, as he advised drivers of the vehicle to pay attention to their software updates’ release notes. 

“I hear you and also Aaron, who asks about it daily – it’s coming in an OTA update soon. Keep an eye on the release notes,” Morrill wrote in his response. 

Cabin Overheat Protection is a fairly minor feature on Tesla’s other vehicles, but it is quite useful. As per the electric vehicle maker’s Owner’s Manual, Cabin Overheat Protection prevents the cabin from getting too hot in scorching ambient conditions. With the feature engaged, a Tesla would engage its air conditioning system or fans to keep the cabin temperature from becoming too hot. The function could be activated through the infotainment system or through the Tesla Mobile App. 

While Cybertruck owners today can simply utilize Tesla’s other features like Keep Climate On to manage the temperature in their vehicles’ cabins, it is difficult to deny the fact that Cabin Overheat Protection does offer a certain level of convenience. And considering that the Cybertruck is arguably Tesla’s most advanced vehicle today, the rollout of Cabin Overheat Protection will undoubtedly be much appreciated by the all-electric pickup truck’s owners today. 

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