Tesla Cybertruck sand dune warrior goes against snow cat in tug of war

Credit: Dave Sparks/X

The Tesla Cybertruck is already an insane vehicle, and it is arguably one of the most abused trucks on the road today. It’s been shot at, its windows have been hit with steel balls, and it’s just gotten punished by several owners and influencers since it started deliveries. And in a recent test, YouTube’s Dave Sparks and the host of the Supercar Ron channel subjected a modified Cybertruck to yet another challenge — a tug-of-war against a snow cat in the sand. 

The Cybertruck that Sparks Motors modified for the sand was the same vehicle that received snow tracks a few weeks ago. As noted by Sparks in a YouTube video, the Cybertruck’s new kit has transformed the all-electric pickup truck into a Mars Rover-esque sandrail that’s designed to conquer sand dunes. It’s been given paddle tires, beefier fender flares and new suspension, among other upgrades. 

The result of Sparks Motors’ work is arguably the most insane Cybertruck on the road today. With its wider fender flares and custom-fabricated body kit, the modified Cybertruck looks significantly more intimidating than its already crazy factory look. The capabilities of the Cybertruck sandrail are no joke either, as the vehicle’s instant power and performance were a perfect fit for driving on sand. 

And as one of its final tests, the YouTube hosts opted to hold a tug-of-war between the Cybertruck sandrail and a snow cat. The bout between the two vehicles was entertaining, as the Cybertruck could be seen pulling the snow cat in the sand. Even the Cybertruck’s sand tires were a champ as the team was able to fix any flats without any much difficulties at all. 

The YouTube hosts’ Cybertruck vs snow cat tug-of-war has caught the attention of social media users online. These include Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morrill, who joked that Tesla actually did not test a Cybertruck with paddle wheels against a snow cat in a tug-of-war. Such comments show Tesla’s support of the car community’s efforts to push the Cybertruck to new heights. The vehicle, after all, is arguably Tesla’s most ambitious effort to date, so it’s only fitting that the Cybertruck also becomes the vehicle that gets pushed the farthest among the company’s current offerings. 

Watch Supercar Ron’s video on the modified Cybertruck in the video below. 

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Tesla Cybertruck sand dune warrior goes against snow cat in tug of war
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