Tesla Cybertruck escorts Boring Co’s Prufrock-3 tunnel boring machine in Giga Texas

Credit: The Boring Company/X

The Boring Company’s Prufrock-3 tunnel boring machine (TBM) recently completed a tunnel to Giga Texas, and in true Elon Musk fashion, the tunneling startup immediately transported the machine to its next dig site. As could be seen in photos that were shared on X, Prufrock-3 had a pretty cool escort as it was being moved around Giga Texas — the Tesla Cybertruck. 

Images of the Cybertruck escorting Prufrock-3 in Giga Texas were shared by the tunneling startup on The Boring Company’s official X account. While Prufrock-3 was being escorted by a number of Teslas in the images, it was evident that the Cybertruck was the tunnel boring machine’s lead escort vehicle

Previous posts from The Boring Company indicate that Prufrock-3 was immediately captured by “The Monster” after it finished digging through Giga Texas. Thanks to “The Monster,” which allows Prufrock-3 to launch directly into the ground, the tunnel boring machine could easily be driven to its next tunnel site and launched in less than 24 hours. 

The tunneling industry is ripe for some disruption, so it is no surprise that The Boring Company’s targets for Prufrock are incredibly ambitious. As per The Boring Company’s official website, Prufrock is designed to tunnel at a speed that’s greater than one mile per week. In the medium-term, the tunneling startup is expected to exceed 1/10 of a human’s walking speed, which is seven miles per day.

Such goals are nothing short of insane considering that the fastest TBMs in the market today are only capable of digging through several hundred meters every month. This was the case with the massive “Caucasus” tunnel boring machine, which was used to dig the Gudauri tunnel in Georgia. During its operations, the Caucasus was able to dig through a maximum of 426 meters (about 1,400 feet) in one month. This speed was already very quick for TBMs.

Of course, The Boring Company’s Prufrock is a significantly smaller TBM that makes significantly smaller tunnels. However, the speed of its operations and its targets suggests that Prufrock is a machine that should not be dismissed, as it is a TBM that has the potential to change the tunnel-boring machine industry, much like how the Tesla Model 3 changed the mainstream EV market. 

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