Tesla Cybertruck gets warm reception from Monaco’s Prince Albert II

Credit: @topmarquesmonaco/Instagram

The Principality of Monaco may be known as the city-state where Ferraris and Bentleys are commonplace, but on Tuesday, the attention of Prince Albert II was focused on a vehicle that’s far larger and more brutalist than even the most exotic supercars — the Tesla Cybertruck. A video shared of the Sovereign’s encounter with the all-electric pickup truck suggested that Prince Albert II seemed to have enjoyed his time with the vehicle. 

As noted in a report from The Monaco Tribune, the Tesla Cybertruck will be on display at the prestigious Top Marques supercar show. The all-electric pickup truck will be showcased at the event until Thursday, June 6, after which it will continue on its ongoing European tour. To commemorate the Cybertruck’s arrival in Monaco, the vehicle was unveiled in front of the Place du Casino. 

In attendance at the Cybertruck’s unveiling event in Monaco was Director of Tesla France Mathieu Lenglin and the Director of Top Marques Emeric Garcia, as well as the guest of honor, Prince Albert II. As could be seen in a video posted by the Top Marques supercar show on Instagram, the Sovereign also became the first person in Monaco to test drive the Cybertruck. 

Prince Albert II could be seen flashing a smile as he navigated the streets of the Principality behind the wheel of the hulking steel all-electric pickup truck. The Sovereign seemed like he had fun during his test drive, and based on the social media post from the Top Marques supercar show, it seemed like Prince Albert II got accustomed to the Cybertruck’s steer-by-wire system without any issues. 

Overall, the seemingly warm reception that the Cybertruck received from the Sovereign bodes well for the all-electric pickup truck’s mass appeal. Considering the volume of supercars in Monaco, after all, it definitely takes a lot for a vehicle to stand out in the city-state. The Cybertruck seems to have accomplished that effortlessly, and it also seemed to have charmed Prince Albert II in the process. 

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Tesla Cybertruck gets warm reception from Monaco’s Prince Albert II
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