Tesla Cybertruck charges with NACS at non-Supercharger charging station

(Credit: Tesla)

Recently, electric vehicle and energy storage company NXU successfully charged a Cybertruck using NACS at a non-Tesla DC fast charging station. 

The Tesla Cybertruck belonged to an owner in Arizona. The charging company used a Tesla Cybertruck to test out its NXUOne Charging system, which claims to be a universal, dual-technology solution. NXU tested the capabilities of its charging system several times on the Cybertruck, and each session was successful. 

“We are thrilled to announce this significant milestone in the world of electric vehicles. Showcasing the ease with which Nxu’s charging technology charged the Cybertruck exemplifies our commitment to improve EV technology and provide EV owners with efficient, reliable, and cutting-edge charging solutions,” said Nxu Founder, Chairman, and CEO Mark Hanchett.

According to NXU, its Cybertruck charging sessions are the first time a Cybertruck has been charged with a third-party NACS charger. The company wants to expand its services to accommodate all electric vehicles. 

NXU’s announcement feels timely, considering Tesla recently shared that Ford’s EVs now have access to its NACS Supercharger sites. Tesla’s NACS Supercharger sites will open to other EV makers next month, including Rivian and General Motors.

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