Tesla Cybertruck becomes vehicle of choice for tennis superstar Serena Williams, Reddit founder

Credit: Alexis Ohanian/X

Tennis superstar Serena Williams and her husband, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, were recently spotted leaving a Miami party in a rather interesting vehicle. Ohanian is the owner of a Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series, which also happens to be the third production truck that was delivered to customers. 

The Reddit founder was among the first batch of customers who were fortunate enough to receive their Cybertrucks at the vehicle’s first delivery event on November 30, 2023, at Giga Texas. Tesla CEO Elon Musk personally handed over the vehicle to Ohanian, who was wearing a bomber jacket with the words “Invest In Women’s Sports” at the time. 

Ohanian and Williams were seen emerging from a star-studded party thrown by billionaire Wayne Boich on Friday. The party was held in the midst of Art Basel, Miami Beach, as noted in a Daily Mail report. This year’s party attracted numerous celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Wade, Cindy Crawford, and Tom Brady, among others. 

The Reddit founder and his tennis superstar spouse, for their part, were photographed leaving the party in their Tesla Cybertruck. Ohanian was photographed getting behind the wheel of the Cybertruck while Williams settled into the front passenger seat. Needless to say, the couple, as well as their new all-electric pickup truck, attracted quite a lot of attention from people in the area.

Ohanian seems to be quite happy with his Tesla Cybertruck, which features an “LA” badge on the left side of its tailgate. The Cybertruck, which the Reddit founder seems to have named “Cerberus,” has been featured on Ohanian’s social media pages several times over the past days. He has posted videos of his Cybertruck getting its “LA” badge, as well as the attention that his vehicle has been getting from the public. 

Ohanian has also confirmed several key features of the Cybertruck, noting on X that the vehicle’s sound system is indeed quite stellar. He has also stated that the Tesla Cybertruck has so far lived up to his expectations “above and beyond.”

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Tesla Cybertruck becomes vehicle of choice for tennis superstar Serena Williams, Reddit founder
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