Tesla opens energy products to third-party developers with new API

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Energy opened its Powerwall, solar, electric vehicle (EV) chargers, and other products to third-party developers. Tesla released a new application programming interface (API) for third-party developers to use while interacting with its energy products and vehicles.

“FleetAPI is RESTful data and command service providing access to Tesla vehicles and energy devices. Partners can interact with their own devices, or devices for which they have granted access by a customer,” explains Tesla on in its page for developers. 

During CES 2024, Samsung Electronics and Tesla are expected to showcase their collaboration between Tesla Energy products and the Samsung SmartThings Energy platform. The showcase hints at the potential of Tesla FleetAPI with other third-party developers. 

Tesla’s collaboration with the South Korean electronics company would connect home appliances and electric vehicles to consumers’ homes. Consumers may view and manage the power status of Samsung devices through the Tesla app and SmartThings Energy. 

The collaboration yields many benefits to Samsung while in place, such as access to some of Tesla’s more useful features. For instance, SmartThings Energy could sync with the Tesla Powerwall’s Storm Watch feature, enabling displays in Samsung devices like TVs and phones. Users may also activate AI Energy Mode through SmartThings Energy. 

Learn more about Tesla’s FleetAPI here.

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