Tesla Giga Berlin camp protest gets permit to extend stay

(Credit: Henry Hu | X)

Tesla Giga Berlin’s treehouse campers received a permit to extend their protest. 

The Giga Berlin camp protesters built treehouses in the forest where Tesla plans to expand its factory. The treehouse protesters hope their camp will prevent Tesla from cutting more trees and expand Giga Berlin.

On May 16, 2024, the Brandenburg police filed a complaint against the treehouse camp protesters. It was the second complaint against the protest filed by the local police. 

The Postdam Administrative Court ruled in favor of the protesters in the first complaint. In the complaint filed this month, the Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative (OVG) Court rejected the restrictions the police wanted to place on the Giga Berlin treehouse protesters. 

The treehouse protest was initially planned to end on May 20, 2024. However, now that it has received a permit to extend the protest, the Giga Berlin treehouse campers will stay longer. 

Last week, Grünheide representatives and officials approved Tesla Giga Berlin’s revised expansion plans. Tesla’s original plan would have resulted in 100 trees being cut down for the expansion. 

In its revised plans, Tesla plans to cut down only 50 trees. Despite Giga Berlin’s expansion receiving approval from Grünheide representatives and officials, local residents and environmental activists plan to continue protesting.

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Maria Merano: Veteran writer and editor, who believes harmony between tech and nature is achievable. We just need to learn to compromise.
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