Tesla Giga Berlin refutes claim that 3,000 jobs will be cut

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Tesla Giga Biga Berlin refuted claims that 3,000 jobs would be cut from the factory. The effect of Tesla’s job cuts on Giga Berlin is still unknown. 

Local media outlets have reportedly claimed that 3,000 jobs would be affected by Tesla’s job cuts. Earlier this week, Tesla emailed employees to inform them they were laid off. The company plans to lay off 10% of its workers. 

Tesla’s job cuts have already hit workers in China. The company informed some Tesla sales team members in China that their roles were redundant.

According to Tesla Berlin, the rumor that 3,000 jobs would be cut in Germany “has no basis whatsoever.” Giga Berlin workers have not received notification about pending job cuts. However, there are signs that Tesla is considering layoffs in Giga Berlin. 

“We are examining this measure and will pursue it for Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg against the background for all labor law and co-determination requirements, including the works council,” said Tesla. 

Tesla has already sent a declaration of intent to the works council and IG Metall. The Frankfurt (Oder) employment agency, which must be informed of layoffs like the works council, has not received any information about Tesla’s plans to cut jobs at Giga Berlin. 

“It is the legal duty of management not only to inform the works council comprehensively but also to advise them on how employment can be secured,” IG Metall’s District Manager, Dirk Schulze told rbb24.

Sources familiar with Tesla’s plans believe the company will cut less than 10% of its 12,500 workers at Giga Berlin. Brandenburg’s Economics Minister Steinbach announced that he is in contact with Tesla. Steinbach expects less than 3,000 jobs will be lost.

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