Tesla surges past yet another global sales milestone

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Tesla has finally surpassed 4 million cumulative sales globally and is on track to achieve its next sales milestone faster than ever anticipated.

As evidenced by recent comments from Elon Musk, Tesla has come to define itself by its mission, helping the world achieve a sustainable electrified economy as quickly as possible, even occasionally coming at the detriment of its profits. With this relentless pursuit, its sales volumes have exploded in recent years, and now, according to new data from Cleantechnica, Tesla has surpassed 4 million cumulative sales globally.

Tesla didn’t publish its newest sales milestone, but Cleantechnica found it as they assembled data from the company’s previous production and delivery reports. But perhaps more surprising than the 4 million vehicle milestone is the exponential rate the company has grown, especially over the past three years, despite the challenges imposed by COVID and a massive chip shortage that continues to rock many major automakers.

As noted in Cleantechnica’s report, Tesla sales have increased dramatically for 11 of the past 12 quarters, with only one quarter being a decline from the previous, the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Looking at more model-specific data, it should be no surprise that the Model 3 and Model Y remain the company’s primary sales movers. Strangely, the Model Y has quickly become the top vehicle in sales growth. Model 3, on the other hand, has seen more linear and consistent growth since its introduction. This phenomenon comes as the Model Y is slowly overtaking its smaller sibling in sales in many top markets, most recently including Europe and China.

Looking forward, if Tesla can continue its incredibly aggressive 50% production growth year over year, it is poised to become one of the largest automakers on the planet within only a few years. However, this won’t be without challenges. Tesla is now facing more price competition than ever, particularly in top markets; China and the United States. And while it has been able to fend off competitors with price cuts and plans to continue to do so, it remains unclear how long this strategy can continue.

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Tesla surges past yet another global sales milestone
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