Tesla launches Tire Protection Plan program in California

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Tesla has launched a dedicated Tire Protection Plan for customers in California. The program covers select tires for the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. 

As could be seen on the program’s page on Tesla’s website, the Tire Protection Plan is designed to provide a safeguard against unexpected incidents that could result in damage to a vehicle’s wheels and tires. Tesla notes that the program would cover the repair and replacement of vehicles’ tires and wheels.

Prices for the Tire Protection Plan differ depending on the vehicle. For the Tesla Model 3, the plan costs $35 each for the 18″ tire and $55 each for the all-electric sedan’s 19″ tire. For the Tesla Model Y’s 19″ and 20″ tires, the price is $55 per tire. For the Model S’ 19″ wheels, the price per tire is $90, and for the Model X’s 20″ tires, the price is also $90 each. 

It should be noted that Tesla’s Tire Protection Plan covers tire and wheel repairs and replacements that are caused by typical road hazards. It does not cover cosmetic damages, theft, and vandalism. 

Tesla notes that customers could request a personalized quote for their Tire Protection Plan during a scheduled service appointment at a Tesla Service Center. The program also covers new tires and the wheels they are mounted on for 12 months following the initial purchase and installation. 

While the advantages of Tesla’s Tire Protection Plan are evident, EV enthusiasts quickly pointed out that the program does not cover the tires that would likely need the most replacements. These are the Model 3’s 20″ tires, the Model Y’s 21″ tires, the Model S’ “21” tires, and the Model X’s “22” tires. In the case of the Model 3, the 20″ tires are used in the Performance variant, which is likely driven hard by its drivers. 

The terms and conditions of Tesla’s Tire Protection Plan program can be viewed below.

Tire Protection Plan Terms and Conditions by Simon Alvarez on Scribd

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