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Tesla loses Autopilot program’s Director of Product

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Tesla Autopilot’s Director of Product Kate Park has left the company and joined Scale AI, she said on Twitter.

“I’ve decided to take on a new challenge at Scale AI as their Director of Product,” Park said on Twitter. “I had a blast building Tesla Autopilot’s data engine and I’m excited to generalize this product for multiple industries from computer vision to large language models.”

Park spent nearly five years at Tesla, starting as an Autopilot Computer Vision Intern in April 2018 while she was still a student at Stanford in the Computer Science program. Before Tesla, Park worked at Uber, Palantir, and Google as an intern before joining Tesla and remaining on the Autopilot team for several years, contributing to the team in various roles.

Many Tesla fans may remember Park from her speech at the company’s AI Day late last year, where she showcased the Autopilot Data Engine and how it improves the neural network, which improves the program’s performance with each mile driven.

Park was also one of several inventors for a 2020 patent that Tesla was granted for “Autonomous and User Controlled Vehicle Summon to a Target,” which she contributed to with names like Elon Musk and Andrej Karpathy.

Park will head to Scale AI, which is based in San Francisco. “At Scale, our mission is to accelerate the development of AI applications. We believe that to make the best models, you need the best data,” the company describes itself.

Scale works with clients and companies like Microsoft and Meta, and other AI companies like Open AI and Cohere.

According to her LinkedIn, Park assumed the role of Director of Product Management.

You can check out Park’s presentation from AI Day below.

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Tesla loses Autopilot program’s Director of Product
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