Tesla owner converts Model 3 keycard into a wearable ring for simple vehicle access

Credit: Tesla Trip/Youtube

A husband and wife duo now opens their Tesla Model 3 using a wearable ring that’s embedded with the RFID chip from the vehicle’s keycard. While one may think that making a wearable “ring key” can be complicated, the Tesla owner-enthusiasts from the Tesla Trip Youtube channel demonstrated a process that is is actually quite simple.

The primary key to gain access to a Tesla Model 3 is the owner’s smartphone. However, if one is having trouble using their mobile device, such as when it’s not accessible or when it’s out of battery, a key ring serves as a handy and easy-to-use backup. The latest creation is another example of novel ideas by the Tesla community to further enhance their lifestyle.

The Tesla Trip owners dissolved the card portion of the Model 3 keycard in acetone to isolate the copper antenna of the RFID. The copper was then wound around a circular ring mold and mixed with resin.

The Tesla ring key DIY project was inspired after the couple saw fellow Tesla Model 3 owner and biohacker-YouTuber Amie DD implant the Model 3 keycard chip into her arm.

Connected smartphone apps for vehicles are nothing new. Audi has an e-tron app that helps owners manage the different functions of the vehicle. BMW meanwhile has iRemote so owners of the i3 and i8 can check their charging information, battery levels, and the range of the vehicles. Ford also introduced Phone-as-a-Key technology with the recently-unveiled all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E.

For Model 3, Tesla issues two key cards that vehicle owners can use to access and start their vehicles. These cards can also be provided to other individuals such as a valet who needs temporary access to the vehicle. The Tesla key card is tapped onto the pillar on the right of the driver’s window to open the vehicle. It is tapped onto a spot just behind the cup holders to start the ride.

Another alternative to the phone is a Model 3 Key Fob that looks like a miniature version of the car. If set up properly, the key fob can give passive entry to the vehicle. It may also work like the usual key fobs and you just have to press once to lock the door and twice to open the vehicle.

Planning to make your own Tesla Key Ring? Watch the video on how to turn your Tesla Model 3 key card into a ring below.

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