Tesla Model 3 had no chance in this tug-of war-bout for so many reasons

Credit: YouTube/lowlifeduramax

An owner of both a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range+ and a Chevrolet Duramax pickup truck pitted the two vehicles against each other in a tug-of-war to see what car would come out victorious.

YouTuber Michael of the lowlifeduramax YouTube channel decided to continue a string of tests with his Standard Range Plus Model 3. In the past, the YouTube host has used the electric sedan in a burnout competition and race against a Dodge Hellcat. He has also modified the Model 3, allowing the RWD vehicle to become a serious drift machine.

Tug-of-war tests have been popular with other Tesla vehicles like the Model X and the newly unveiled Tesla Cybertruck. However, this time around, Michael chose to have the Model 3 battle the mammoth Chevy pickup to see “how much torque the electric motor can put out.”

His RWD Model 3 Standard Range+ was purchased in early December, according to the Instagram page he runs under the same name as the YouTube channel. Michael decided to add a tow hitch to the vehicle as he states he would like to do other tests in the future with the recently-purchased electric car.

The Duramax outweighs the Model 3 by nearly 4,000 pounds. The truck came in at 7,500 pounds, according to Michael. That’s a far cry compared to the Tesla Model 3 SR Plus’ listed weight of 3,627 pounds. Needless to say, the tug-of-war battle between the two vehicles was short, with the Model 3 outmatched due to its serious weight disadvantage and several flaws in the tug-of-war test itself.

Initially, Michael chose to perform this test with the least expensive and least powerful version of the Model 3 apart from the off-menu Model 3 Standard Range. While it is understandable that this is the vehicle he chose for the test since it’s his personal car, it is not technically fair to peg this test as an accurate assessment of the Model 3’s power because it is the variant of the vehicle that is designed primarily as an excellent entry-level car, not peak performance.

On top of this, the angle of the hitch gave the Chevrolet pickup truck an unfair advantage. To perform a fair and accurate representation of this test, it would be more preferable to have the two vehicles’ tow hitch heights be the same. The car with the higher hitch will pull the other vehicle off the ground if he begins to gain an advantage, causing the vehicle to lose traction and never have a legitimate chance at regaining a lead.

Following the conclusion of the test, Michael stated that “it was bound to happen” because of weight differences. However, he also quipped that the tug-of-war results between the F-150 vs. Cybertruck may simply be because the Ford lacks “Chevy Power.”

Perhaps in another test, Michael could obtain a Model X from a friend or fan. The Model X is a pretty heavy car, and though it would not match the Chevy pickup in sheer weight, it should prove to be a more formidable opponent for the huge, diesel-powered Duramax truck.

Watch lowlifeduramax‘s video of the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range+ taking on a Chevrolet Duramax in a tug-of-war test below.

Joey Klender: Joey has been a journalist covering electric mobility at TESLARATI since August 2019. In his time at TESLARATI, Joey has broken several big stories, including the first images of the Tesla Model S Plaid, the imminent release of the 4680 Model Y through EPA certification, and several expansions to the Lucid AMP-1 factory in Arizona, to name a few. His stories have been featured in several publications, including Yahoo! Finance, Fox News, CNET, and Seeking Alpha. In his spare time, Joey is playing golf, watching MMA, or cheering on any of his favorite sports teams, including the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles, Miami Heat, Washington Capitals, and Penn State Nittany Lions. You can get in touch with joey at joey@teslarati.com. He is also on Twitter @KlenderJoey.
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