Tesla releases Vehicle Safety Report for Q1 2024

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has released its Q1 2024 Vehicle Safety Report. The report includes data on crashes involving Tesla vehicles, both when Autopilot was engaged and when the advanced driver-assist system was disabled. As could be seen in the electric vehicle maker’s data, Teslas on Autopilot crash significantly less than vehicles that did not have the system engaged. 

Tesla’s Q1 vehicle safety report was summarized by the electric vehicle maker in the following section: 

“In the 1st quarter, we recorded one crash for every 7.63 million miles driven in which drivers were using Autopilot technology. For drivers who were not using Autopilot technology, we recorded one crash for every 955,000 miles driven. By comparison, the most recent data available from NHTSA and FHWA (from 2022) shows that in the United States, there was an automobile crash approximately every 670,000 miles.”

As could be seen in a graphic that Tesla shared in its Vehicle Safety Report page, Q1 2024 represents the period with the most miles driven before an accident with Autopilot was recorded. Tesla vehicles that were not using Autopilot, however, saw more accidents in Q1 2024 compared to some previous quarters. In Q3 2022, for example, Tesla recorded one crash for every 1.71 million miles driven in vehicles that did not have Autopilot engaged. 

Tesla noted on its official website that its Autopilot crash data is actually pretty conservative. This was because the company counts any crash in which Autopilot was deactivated within 5 seconds before impact. Tesla also counts all crashes in which vehicles’ incident alerts showed an airbag or other active restraint deploying. The electric vehicle maker further noted that it does not differentiate based on the type of crash or fault, so even if a Tesla gets rear-ended by another vehicle while Autopilot was engaged, the crash gets counted. 

Tesla’s vehicle lineup is among the safest on the road today. This is partly due to their all-electric design, which provides a low center of gravity and ample crumple zones. Teslas are also made with very rigid cabins, which have saved numerous lives over the years. Most notably, passive and active safety features are standard on all Tesla vehicles, making the company’s fleet arguably the safest in the market today. 

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