Tesla Semi exec shares key program and Nevada factory details

Credit: @OutofSpecPodcast/YouTube

Tesla Senior Manager, Semi program Dan Priestley recently spoke at the ACT Expo event in Las Vegas, Nevada. During his talk, the executive highlighted several key tidbits about the Tesla Semi program, such as its current milestones and the company’s plans for the vehicle’s future. 

As could be seen in Priestley’s presentation, which was shared on YouTube in the Out of Spec Podcast channel, Tesla currently lists the Semi’s 300-mile Standard Range version with a tare weight of less than 20,000 lbs. The vehicle’s 500-mile Long Range variant, on the other hand, was listed with a tare weight of less than 23,000 pounds. This provides an overview of the Semi’s weight without cargo, which Tesla has been pretty quiet about over the years. 

Credit: Out of Spec Podcast/YouTube

The executive’s talk also included a section on the Tesla Semi’s Megacharger Network, which Priestley noted allows the Class 8 all-electric truck to achieve over 1,000 daily miles. With the Megacharger Network’s support, the Semi could truly stand toe-to-toe against diesel-powered trucks, even when it comes to payload. 

Priestley’s presentation also revealed that the Tesla Semi fleet has driven 3.5 million miles to date. This has allowed Tesla to not only refine the vehicle but also electrify its supply chain. Tesla, after all, has been using the Semi as part of its own transport fleet. This could be seen in sightings of the Tesla Semi at the Fremont Factory. Tesla Semi units have also been spotted at the Lathrop Megafactory. 

Credit: Out of Spec Podcast/YouTube

The Tesla Semi executive reiterated the company’s goal of producing 50,000 units of the all-electric Class 8 truck when the vehicle’s Nevada production facility is ramped. Priestley noted that Tesla is looking to start Semi deliveries from its Nevada factory around 2026. By that time, the executive noted that the Tesla Semi would already be a significantly superior vehicle compared to its current iteration. 

Watch Dan Priestley’s Tesla Semi talk at the ACT Expo event in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the video below. 

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