Tesla Semi pilot expands to Martin Brower

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It appears that the Tesla Semi is now doing a pilot with another client. As noted by Tesla Sr. Manager of Semi Truck Engineering Dan Priestley, Martin Brower (MB) has also started a pilot for the Class 8 all-electric truck. The results of the program so far are quite encouraging. 

In a post on X, the Tesla executive thanked MB and the Semi’s other customers for working with the company to test, develop, and refine the all-electric truck. He also expressed his appreciation for the Semi customers’ patience as the vehicle is still yet to see mass production. 

“These demonstrations with the Tesla Semi have provided great product feedback on how to make the best Class-8 truck while also showing customers how it can fit in their operations. Thanks to Martin Brower and our other very patient customers for working with us to test, develop, and refine the Semi. Keep an eye out for them on the road!” Priestley wrote in his post. 

In a previous release, MB noted that the Tesla Semi pilot ran earlier this year and included two units of the vehicle that were running routes to restaurants that are serviced by the company’s Stockton distribution center. A group of five drivers were trained to operate the Tesla Semi, since the vehicle has unique characteristics like a center driving position. 

The MB drivers generally responded positively to the Class 8 all-electric truck. Casey Kamp, one of Martin Brower’s drivers, praised the Tesla Semi for its precise maneuverability. “The Tesla Semi rises above any other tractor with mobility, center seat configuration, and precise movement that allows the driver to navigate safely,” Kamp noted. 

Martin Brower Assistant Transportation Manager Megan Yamaguchi echoed similar sentiments. “The Tesla Semi experience has been impressive since day one. Our drivers had no problem learning the systems and maximizing the features that set these tractors apart. We’ve been able to push these tractors well beyond expectations and look forward to our electric future,” the executive noted. 

The Semi was unveiled in late 2017 and first deliveries started in December 2022, but so far, only PepsiCo and Martin Brower have confirmed that they are using the vehicles for their operations. Tesla has also noted that it has been using the Semi as part of its transport fleet over the years. 

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Tesla Semi pilot expands to Martin Brower
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