Tesla Semi Run On Less results really show serious BAMF performance

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The Tesla Semi is proving its worth in the ongoing 2023 Run on Less Electric Depot event. In less than 48 hours, one of the Tesla Semis from PepsiCo covered a distance of 1,600 miles. As per Rocky Mountain Institute’s David Mullaney, it’s the Tesla Semi’s charging performance that is making these impressive feats possible. 

When Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Semi way back in late 2017, he made it a point to highlight that the electric Class 8 truck would be a cut above its peers. One of the slides that were shown during the event caught the eye of social media users as it stated that the Tesla Semi will feature “BAMF performance.” 

“BAMF” typically means “bad *ss mother f**ker” on the internet, which is pretty much in line with Tesla’s humor. Based on the performance of the Tesla Semis at the 2023 Run on Less Electric Depot event so far, it would appear that such a description is indeed accurate for the vehicle. 

PepsiCo is testing three Tesla Semi units in the 2023 Run on Less Electric Depot event. One of the trucks, Tesla Semi #3, was tracked to have done 794 miles during its second day of tests. The following day, the Class 8 all-electric truck traveled a total of 806 miles. Interestingly enough, Mullaney noted that during the nearly 48-hour period and 1,600-mile journey, Tesla Semi #3 was continuously on the move. 

The Tesla Semis are not exactly running the routes with no load either. As per North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) ‘s Mike Roeth, the Tesla Semi trucks are hauling heavy loads

“We’re tracking the beverage. It’s impressive, a fairly heavy haul at nearly 80,000 pounds. It goes to one location and drops off soda, but maybe picks up some waters, goes to another location to drop off water but pick up Gatorade. We don’t really know the payload, (but) NACFE has verified that these are fairly fully loaded when they leave and stay fairly loaded. They’re not out there gaming Run on Less,” Roeth said. 

Mullaney noted that such performance is only made possible by the Tesla Semi’s battery. While Tesla has not shared the full specs of the vehicle’s battery, it is evident that the Semi can take high power charges for an extended period of time. 

“PepsiCo’s Tesla Semi #3 just did 1600 miles in a little less than 48 hours, with the truck pretty much continually moving outside three brief but fruitful charges (along with two range extending mini charges). It’s really that charging that unlocks this. The early morning charge on Day 3 gets 75% SOC in about an hour (from 5% to 80%). 

“That is remarkable. This isn’t just enabled by the 750 kW charger, but also the ability of the battery to take a high power charge for a long period of time. That ‘charge curve’ remaining very steep up to and beyond 80% SOC is what really unlocks the mileage we are seeing from this truck. In the old days, charging a battery like that would fry it in pretty short order,” Mullaney said. 

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