Tesla Thailand launches special interest rate program

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Tesla Thailand launched a special interest rate program for Model 3 and Model Y customers. Tesla’s special interest rate program in Thailand starts at 2.49%.

“The limited program only you start today. An important opportunity to get a special interest rate starting at just 2.49% with 1st class insurance and a 4-year Tesla car maintenance package. We reserve the right for customers who order and pick up the vehicle by June 28, 2024,” announced Tesla Thailand. 

Tesla sees potential growth opportunities in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Former Tesla Vice President of Public Policy and Business Development, Rohan Patel, noted that Southeast Asia is a ‘major place of growth’ regarding battery storage and electric vehicle adoption. 

In the last few years, there have been plenty of rumors about Tesla discussing potential business investments in a few Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia and Singapore. Thailand is no exception. 

In December 2023, Tesla was reportedly looking to invest in a 790-acre land in Thailand. At the time, the Thai government was rolling out programs to make electric vehicles more attractive to local consumers. The programs helped Thailand account for half of Southeast Asia’s EV sales. 

As recent as last month, Tesla was reportedly talking to the Thai government about a potential Gigafactory in the country. The EV automaker has been in talks about a Gigafactory Thailand with the local government for a few years. However, the Thailand Prime Minister’s office recently hinted that talks are turning more serious.

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