Tesla warns owners new cars don’t have Steam Gaming support

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is warning vehicle owners that new vehicles will be without Steam Gaming support, which was launched with the Model S and Model X in December 2022 with the annual Holiday Update.

Steam is a gaming platform that offers a massive library of games, and Tesla enabled the ability to play various titles nearly two years ago. It was something CEO Elon Musk pushed as a major development in the Summer of 2022.

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However, owners are now being told that their vehicles are set to lose Steam capability. The automaker told the owner of a new Model X that gaming features would be limited in a communication prior to delivery:

Tesla Model X LR Removed Steam Support
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The message reads:

“Tesla is updating the gaming computer in your Model X and your vehicle is no longer capable of playing Steam games. All other entertainment and app functionalities are unaffected.”

Tesla has been making widespread changes across its business to help preserve cash. One of the most notable is the massive layoffs the company has been performing over the past month or so, eliminating between 10 and 20 percent of its total employee headcount.

However, it seems some of the cost-cutting measures may be spreading to vehicles.

Several respondents to the initial Reddit post speculated as to why Tesla might be removing it. Everything from lack of regular use to a bad gaming experience, to battery drain was considered for a reason.

Many people thought Steam integration was a move toward entertainment while traveling as Tesla has pushed robotaxis and a complete Full Self-Driving suite would be complete. However, it does not appear that it will be included in future vehicle deliveries.

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Tesla warns owners new cars don’t have Steam Gaming support
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