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Tesla completes acquisition of wireless charging company Wiferion

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Tesla has completed the acquisition of wireless charging company Wiferion, just months after the automaker hinted the development of a wireless EV charging platform for its vehicles.

Last month, we reported on Tesla’s pending acquisition of the company, which was first reported by German media outlets.

Tesla rumored to be purchasing wireless charging company Wiferion

A filing stated that shareholders of Wiferion were prepared to sell their shares as an acquisition by Tesla Engineering was imminent:

“The shareholders intend to sell their shares in the company to Tesla International BV by means of a purchase agreement.”

Now it appears that the acquisition is completed. TeslaMag first reported the completed transaction.

Wiferion has already updated the footer of its website to reflect Tesla’s purchase:

Tesla International BV is a wholly-owned subsidiary that operates out of the Netherlands.

The acquisition was all but completed by last month, when multiple investors in Wiferion were asked if a sale was set to take place. While they confirmed that the company was being sold, they did not detail who the deal was with.

Last year, Wiferion entered the North American market by reaching a global licensing agreement with WiTricity, a company that unveiled wireless charging technology using a Tesla Model 3 in promotional campaigns.

Tesla teased the use of wireless charging earlier this year during Investor Day, as it showed a vehicle with what appeared to be a charging platform beneath it.

Tesla teases mysterious “wireless” home charger on Investor Day

Other companies have tried to develop wireless charging systems for electric vehicles, including WAVE, which hoped to develop a similar technology for the Tesla Semi.

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Tesla completes acquisition of wireless charging company Wiferion
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