Uber expands EV rental options with Stellantis partnership

Uber has announced a partnership with Stellantis brand Free2Move to offer electric vehicles to drivers on a rental system.

Uber has recently been attempting to electrify the available vehicles on their app, setting a goal of offering no gas-powered rides on their app by 2030. One way the brand has been doing this is by making EVs more price accessible to drivers. In this case, they have partnered with Stellantis’ brand Free2Move to make EV rentals for drivers available in France.

This is not the first deal Uber has made to allow drivers to rent EVs for cheaper and longer terms. In the U.S., Uber partnered with Hertz to supply the same service. However, this will be one of the largest deals the French Free2Move brand has encountered.

According to Reuters, this will be one of the steps Uber takes in the coming years to make 50% of their fleet in France electric and will also serve as an aid to Stellantis, who hopes to double their revenue to 300 billion euros a year by 2026.

While Uber will likely face an uphill battle in getting drivers to accept electric vehicles in the U.S., the European market has proved to be more accepting. With its more comprehensive range of EV offerings, drivers have an extensive choice in the matter. Looking only at the EV Stellantis offerings on the European continent, Free2Move will have access to brands like Citreon, DS, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, and Jeep’s first all-electric offering.

Numerous Uber drivers have pointed out that earnings can dramatically increase when using an EV; passengers can enjoy the vehicle’s comfort while drivers can appreciate the EVs lower cost of ownership. While this system will undoubtedly make driving an EV for Uber far easier, ultimately, the choice is up to the drivers.

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