New Tesla Model 3 buyers report getting VINs for white interior vehicles

Credit: Tesla/X

It appears that Tesla is about to start customer deliveries of upgraded Model 3 sedans that were ordered with a black and white interior. This was hinted at in posts from Tesla watchers and Model 3 buyers online. 

As of writing, posts on X and Facebook, as well as the Tesla Motors Club, from apparent Model 3 buyers suggested that customers have started receiving VINs for their white interior vehicles. Based on screenshots that were shared online, some of the buyers who received their VINs today ordered their white interior new Model 3s in January. 

Granted, this is a pretty minor development on Tesla’s part, but it may go a long way toward helping Q2’s numbers. The lack of Model 3 deliveries with the paid interior option was a holdup in Q1, after all. Thus, deliveries of black and white interior Model 3 units could help buff out the company’s deliveries this second quarter. 

The upgraded Model 3 sedan was released late August last year to Giga Shanghai-supplied countries, and it was formally launched in the United States this January. The Model 3 is Tesla’s second most popular vehicle, so it was no surprise that orders for the revamped all-electric sedan were placed after its US launch. Quite unsurprisingly, a good number of customers also ordered their new Model 3 sedans with a black and white interior. 

Tesla’s black and white interior option, which is a $1,500 option for the Model 3, has become very popular over the years. With white seats, Tesla’s minimalist vehicles invoke a very futuristic air. This was quite prominent in the re-engineered Model 3, which is equipped with ambient lighting and an airy cabin. Unfortunately, buyers of the new Model 3 with the paid interior option later reported that the delivery dates for their orders have been continuously pushed back by Tesla. 

Tesla’s silence on the matter, as well as the consistent changes in estimated delivery schedules frustrated customers of the upgraded Model 3, many of whom placed an order way back in January. In recent weeks, some Model 3 buyers who ordered their cars with black and white interiors reported that their estimated delivery dates have been pushed back as late as June 2024. Fortunately, the long wait appears to be ending. 

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