Feature: Tesla Model 3 customers share worries about white interior delays and free FSD transfers

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When Tesla launched the upgraded Tesla Model 3 in the United States, many EV enthusiasts were excited. The updated all-electric sedan was initially launched in China in late August 2023, so the anticipation for the vehicle in the US was palpable. For a growing number of Tesla Model 3 customers, however, the excitement for receiving their new all-electric sedans is starting to become an experience that’s filled with delays and a growing amount of frustration.  

The Upgraded Tesla Model 3 

The upgraded Tesla Model 3 is currently only offered in two variants — the Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and Model 3 Long Range All Wheel Drive (AWD). Both vehicles are available with either a free Black interior or Tesla’s popular, futuristic Black and White interior, which is a $1,500 option. Tesla’s Black and White interiors have become iconic over the years for their futuristic, clean, and airy look, so it was no surprise that numerous upgraded Model 3 customers ordered their vehicles with the paid interior option. 

But as shared with Teslarati by a number of new Model 3 customers, Tesla has been continually pushing back the expected delivery dates of vehicles that were ordered with Black and White interior. So notable were the delays that some Tesla Model 3 customers are now concerned that they might pass the deadline for free FSD Capability transfers before they could take delivery of their vehicles. Some are also getting hit by a growing number of inconveniences and annoyances due to the delays in their vehicle orders. 

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Black and White Delays

An overview of the issue could be found in an upgraded Model 3 order tracker aggregated by customers of the revamped all-electric sedan. As could be seen in the community tracker, some new Model 3 customers who ordered their vehicle with a Black and White interior have seen their estimated delivery dates moved back 12 times. This has become quite frustrating for Model 3 customers, especially those who placed an order for the vehicle right after its US launch in January. 

For customers who placed an order for an upgraded Model 3 with a Black and White interior in January, the wait for their vehicles has become substantial. And with some estimated delivery dates being pushed back from January/February 2024 to late May 2024, some are seemingly looking at an almost five-month wait for their new Model 3. This is quite a strange situation considering that some members in forums such as the Tesla Motors Club who ordered the new Model 3 with the default Black interior were able to receive their VINs and take delivery relatively quickly. 

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Free FSD Capability Transfer Concerns

Tesla’s official website notes that customers who take delivery of a new vehicle, including the new Model 3, by the end of Q1 2024 could qualify for a free Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability transfer. This has caused a considerable amount of stress for upgraded Model 3 customers who ordered their vehicles with Black and White interiors. Tesla did note on its official X account that “any customer who had a timeline shift will be able to take advantage of FSD transfer.” This, however, is not yet reflected in the company’s Full Self-Driving Capability Transfer Agreement, at least as of writing. 

Full Self-Driving is steadily becoming more and more refined, so it is no wonder that some upgraded Tesla Model 3 customers opted to order their vehicles to take advantage of the company’s free FSD Capability transfer program. It is then also no surprise that some new Model 3 customers have noted in online forums that they may cancel their vehicle orders if their free FSD Capability transfer is not honored. 

Customer Headaches

Perhaps one of the reasons behind the frustration of the new Model 3 customers is Tesla’s reported lack of communication about delays in their vehicle orders. Simply pushing back the new Model 3 with Black and White interior’s estimated delivery dates without communication fosters a bad customer experience, after all, and essentially turning customers’ wait times from what was supposed to be just one to two months into what is now looking to be nearly five months is just as worse. 

As per some upgraded Model 3 customers who got in touch with Teslarati, the multiple estimated delivery date delays and overall lack of communication from the EV maker have caught them off guard. Some have reported seeing their financing applications expiring due to the delays, reportedly adversely affecting their credit scores. Others have ended up renting cars for now because they did not expect the delays in their new Model 3 with Black and White interior to be this notable. Others have also noted that they have resorted to borrowing cars from relatives, though one cannot deny that borrowing a car for several months may be a bit of an awkward affair. 

“I myself don’t have a vehicle anymore so I am borrowing cars from relatives. Borrowing cars for a month or two is one thing. Borrowing for five months is insane,” one new Tesla Model 3 customer wrote to Teslarati.

Hopefully, Tesla could shed some light on this matter. 

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Feature: Tesla Model 3 customers share worries about white interior delays and free FSD transfers
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