The EV offroader for the apocalypse: the Dacia Manifesto

Credit: Dacia

Renault Group’s Dacia brand has unveiled a concept EV offroader for the apocalypse; the Dacia Manifesto.

Imagine you are enjoying champagne in the South of France when you hear that the government is collapsing, or there is a zombie outbreak, or some other world-ending disaster of your choosing. Renault Group’s Dacia brand has the exact vehicle for you; the Dacia Manifesto concept EV offroader.

Dacia was looking to experiment in three areas of vehicle design, and each experiment is on full display in the Dacia Manifesto; design, functionality, and sustainable materials.

Credit: Dacia
Credit: Dacia
Credit: Dacia

Starting with the design, the Romanian brand has produced one of the most angular vehicles since the 80s. Every body panel is flat with aggressive edges, and the vehicle’s lack of doors, windows, or windscreen, each of these bleeds into the “interior” (for lack of a better term) of the EV offroader. This angularity is only complimented by the squared-off front light bar and airless tires.

Reading from the company’s press release, the vehicle is also ultra-functional. The entire vehicle can be cleaned with a hose, inside and out. The strange-looking seat padding is a set of sleeping bags that customers can pull out of the vehicle for a mid-apocalypse rest. And even the vehicle’s single front headlight can be removed and used as a portable flashlight.

Perhaps the most realistic part of the vehicle is the materials used, which shows positive indications for the future materials used in Dacia products. Much like on the interior of the Mazda MX-30, cork replaces many of the traditional chrome/aluminum, leather, or plastic touchpoints. The entire body of the vehicle is made of a recycled plastic the brand calls “Starkle” which gives the vehicle an interesting visual texture. Finally, the company highlights that the airless tires ensure longevity as punctures are no longer possible.

While the vehicle will likely never make it to any production version, it poses as an interesting medium in which Dacia, and by extension, Renault, has shown that sustainable materials and interesting new functionality may be new avenues in which brands can differentiate themselves.

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