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Elon Musk closing in on $1.4 billion ‘bonus’ for achieving Tesla goals

In 2012, Tesla entered into an agreement with CEO Elon Musk that specified 20 separate performance benchmarks to be satisfied within 10 years for 5.27 million shares of the company’s stock. Having already satisfied more than half of the goals set forth by Tesla’s board, Musk is on track to cash in on an estimated $1.4 billion in company stock ahead of the company’s 2022 target.

In a proxy statement filed by Tesla this week, the company said Musk has met 6 of the 10 operational goals — up from five at this time last year — and eight of the 10 market value goals — up from seven last year, according to a report from Bloomberg. Musk is entitled to one tenth of the overall options pool every time Tesla hits a pair of goals — one tied to its market value and another to the company’s operations.

Helped by the 25,000 vehicles Tesla delivered in the first quarter of this year, the company has now exceeded the goal of producing more than 200,000 cars in total. Once production of the Model 3 begins later this year, the next target — 300,000 total vehicles delivered — should follow quickly.

One of the remaining challenges for Musk is for the company to maintain a gross margin of 30 percent for four consecutive quarters. The gross margin numbers for the most recent four quarters have varied between 19 and 28 percent, says Bloomberg. Tesla must also maintain a market valuation of more than $43.2 billion for 6 months.

For that to happen, the company’s stock price will have to remain at $270 a share or above. That goal, which seemed lofty at this time last year, now looks easily achievable. Tesla closed at $302.51 and had a market value of $49.3 billion at the end of trading on April 20, making the small Silicon Valley-based automaker have a market cap worth more than Ford and nearly equal to General Motors which sells more 10 million vehicles annually.


Elon Musk closing in on $1.4 billion ‘bonus’ for achieving Tesla goals
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