Ford, BMW & Honda team up to provide energy management services

(Credit: Ford)

Ford, BMW, and Honda formed a new equally-owned company, ChargeScape, LLC, to provide energy management services, integrating electric vehicles (EVs) and electric utilities.

As of this writing, the transaction and formation of ChargeScape between Ford, BMW, and Honda are pending regulatory approvals. However, the three legacy automakers expect ChargeScape to begin operations next year. 

Through ChargeScape, the three legacy automakers aim to create a new platform connecting electric utilities, automakers, and electric vehicle owners. ChargeScape aims to provide financial benefits to EV owners in the United States and Canada by providing EV-enabled grid services and reducing their personal carbon footprints. 

“Electric vehicles are unlocking entirely new benefits for customers that can save them money while supporting grid resiliency and increase the use of clean, renewable energy,” explained Bill Crider, the global head of charging and energy services at Ford Motor Company. “ChargeScape will help accelerate the true potential of the EV revolution by providing significant benefits to both utilities and EV customers through smart vehicle-to-grid services.”

ChargeScape’s platform offers energy management services across multiple car brands. Through the platform, electric utilities can access EV battery energy using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology

The ChargeScape platform enables EV owners to manage charging schedules so they can charge during off-peak, low-cost hours. They may also share the stored energy from their EV batteries to the grid during peak demand. 

“Electric grid reliability and sustainability are the foundation for an EV-powered future,” said Thomas Ruemenapp, VP of Engineering at BMW North America, LLC. “ChargeScape aims to accelerate the expansion of smart charging and vehicle-to-everything solutions all over the country while increasing customer benefits, supporting the stability of the grid, and helping to maximize renewable energy usage. We’re proud to be a founding member of ChargeScape and are looking forward to the opportunities this collaboration will create.”

The ChargeScape platform uses data from research on the Open Vehicle-Grid Integration Platform (OVGIP). In its research, The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) assessed how the Southern California Edison (SCE) OVGIP could facilitate grid services between electric vehicles and utilities

SCE OVGIP PIlot Summary Report-final 4 (1) by Maria Merano on Scribd

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