Ford just had its best-ever month for EVs

(Credit: Ford)

Ford just had what was its best performance in terms of electric vehicle sales ever, making tremendous strides through attractive offerings as its brand continues to navigate a monumental change in the global automotive sector.

Ford has tasted so much success throughout its history as an automaker, that the tumultuous road it has traveled through the past few years in the EV sector could be considered uncharted territory, especially as the company has backpedaled on some of the investments it made that would launch its electric offensive forward.

However, macroeconomic conditions are unfavorable across the board, and nearly every company has struggled to get vehicles out of their showrooms due to various reasons, including high interest rates.

According to Marklines, the U.S. automotive sector has struggled to break the 1.3 million units sold threshold since September. November, however, was a 2.7 percent increase from October for new car sales, and an 8.9 percent increase from November 2022.

1,243,695 new vehicles were sold in the U.S. in November, and Ford sold 144,453 cars, with the F-Series being the most popular in the country for the month, leading all models.

While the F-Series still is Ford’s best-selling series, the automaker has plenty to be proud of in terms of EV sales, as it ranked as the second best-selling EV brand in the country, trailing only Tesla.

However, Ford’s numbers are skyrocketing, especially with the F-150 Lightning, which increased in sales by 113 percent, which helped it capture its best month for EV sales as a company with 8,958.

F-150 Lightning sales accounted for 4,393 units of the 8,958 it sold in November. This figure for the month outsold the entire third quarter, Ford said.

Overall, EV sales went up 43.2 percent year-over-year. While the F-150 Lightning was certainly the star of the show, the Mustang Mach-E saw a 21.3 percent increase, too. Ford sold 4,294 for the month.

“I think it’s pretty cool that, America’s best-selling vehicle was the F-150, and 25 percent of all sales in November were either Hybrid or EV,” Marty Günsberg, Ford’s Model e Communications Director, said.

Ford currently has the best-selling electric pickup in the country, but after the Tesla Cybertruck’s first deliveries last week, it is no secret the pickup will have its work cut out for it to maintain that title. The Lightning offers an electric powertrain with a more traditional design, while the Cybertruck undoubtedly caters to someone who wants something a little more unique.

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