Tesla continues V4 Supercharger rollout in Australia and much of Europe

Credit: Tesla Charging | X

Tesla is continuing its rollout of V4 Superchargers, with the first of the upgraded hardware set to hit Australia in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, additional locations are getting V4 Superchargers across multiple countries in Europe, as shared by Tesla over much of October and November.

X user Jules Boag spotted V4 Superchargers being built in Albury in the province of New South Wales, Australia, last week, set to mark Tesla’s first of the upgraded chargers in the country. According to Boag, the location is in Central Albury within the Commercial Club car park, featuring as many as 16 stalls, though they don’t seem to have opened just yet.

Boag also says he thinks the V4 chargers could come online as soon as next week, at which point Tesla will likely post about them on its Charging account on X, and add them to its Supercharger map. Additionally, the V4 equipment will become the largest in the country upon opening, as closely followed by some sites with around 12 chargers.

In the last few weeks alone, the Tesla Charging account has also posted about new locations across Europe, including two V4 Superchargers in Spain in Marbella and Castellón (4 and 12 stalls, respectively), one in Wolvega, Netherlands (20 stalls), one in Carlswerk, Germany (11 stalls), and one in Wilsonville, Oregon (8 stalls) in the U.S.

V4 Superchargers in Marbella, Spain. Credit: Tesla Charging | X

V4 Superchargers in Castellón, Spain. Credit: Tesla Charging | X

V4 Superchargers in Carlswerk, Germany. Credit: Tesla Charging | X

V4 Superchargers in Wilsonville, Oregon, U.S. Credit: Tesla Charging | X

V4 Superchargers in Wolvega, Netherlands. Credit: Tesla Charging | X

Tesla’s V4 Superchargers have a charging capacity of up to 350 kW for faster charging speeds than its more common V3 chargers, which offer up to 250 kW. The V4 charging pile design also includes longer cables, making charging more accessible.

The automaker has been rolling the new charging pile designs out in waves over the latter half of this year, some of which also include a contactless payment option that hadn’t been seen before August.

In September, Tesla earned European Union (EU) funding for V4 Supercharger deployment across 26 separate infrastructure projects and more than 7,000 chargers, for a total of 352 million euros (~$379 million) from the EU.

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