Lucid plans for Tesla Model 3 and Y competitor at ‘lower cost’

(Credit: Lucid)

Lucid said it is planning to launch an electric vehicle that will be priced at a lower cost to compete with the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, but where the company plans to price it seems interesting.

Lucid has been building EVs since 2021 when it unveiled the Air lineup. With lower costs and more customization planned for next year with that model, it also plans to roll out the Gravity SUV in the coming years.

The high costs associated with early EV models align with what industry leader Tesla did in the late 2000s with the original Roadster. The early vehicles are somewhat of a fundraiser for later projects and have led to subsequent models with slightly lower price points than previously.

That is essentially Lucid’s gameplan, according to CEO Peter Rawlinson’s recent interview with Autocar, as it will launch an EV that is a lower cost than previous models but not quite as low as many would expect.

Rawlinson said that Lucid has “to go with volume, because that’s what we’re about.”

But it said that its price point is $50,000, or roughly £40,000, which would be a lower cost than what it offers for the Air sedan, but would still be priced higher than the most affordable versions of Tesla’s Model 3 or Model Y.

Bringing costs down to $50,000 for Lucid would be a big move for them, but it also would have its least expensive vehicle going up against Tesla’s most expensive versions of its volume vehicles. On top of that, Rawlinson said that, while Lucid has already started working on the vehicle, it will not come until after 2025.

Tesla, along with other companies, will likely have more affordable vehicles by then. Tesla could have its $25,000 EV unveiled and on its way to production. Other companies, like Rivian, Ford, and GM, which has already unveiled a sub-$30,000 EV in the Chevy Bolt, will also likely have more affordable options by that time.

Lucid is reaching for a more luxury car buyer base, and people know they will pay a premium for its vehicles. However, $50,000 might be a price that is simply too high for some to consider, especially as competitors that have already shown their cars are efficient and robust in terms of tech will be unveiling new, perhaps revolutionary, products by the time Lucid is just getting to offer its first “affordable” EV.

While the Model 3 and Model Y could hypothetically be priced the same as today when Lucid’s mass-market EV comes out (although we feel it is probably a lofty expectation), Rawlinson said it has a few things to offer that Tesla cannot.

“…we’ve got the most advanced technology, which means we can go farther with less battery, and the battery is the most high-cost item of an electric car. So if you can go a certain distance with less battery, you can make that car more cheaply than anyone else.”

Lucid will also eventually end up in the United Kingdom, and Lucid will “totally” offer models outside of the Air in the region.

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