Porsche exec discusses Taycan battery size, winter package, and final design

Porsche continues to provide exciting new details about the Taycan, the company’s first all-electric vehicle that’s expected to rival the Tesla Model S. Just recently, the established carmaker issued a press release discussing the vehicle’s upcoming charging infrastructure in North America, which would enable the Taycan to travel from coast to coast. In a recent interview, the chief of Porsche’s Electric Car Initiative outlined some exciting new details about the electric sedan, including its battery pack size, as well as some of the vehicle’s notable features.

In a recent email to Taycan reservation holders (credit to Jim Roger Johansen for providing Teslarati with a copy of the message), Stefan Weckbach, one of the veteran company’s leads on the development of the Taycan, answered some frequently asked questions about the upcoming electric sedan.

Considering that Porsche is yet to reveal the production version of the Taycan, questions remain about the vehicle’s final design. Weckbach, for his part, noted that the production car’s appearance would be very similar to that of the Mission E sedan concept car, though the exec stated that it would be “more suited for practical use” and optimized for aerodynamics. As such, the production Taycan would utilize conventional doors instead of the Mission E sedan concept’s stunning suicide doors.

Being a sports sedan, the Taycan would not be equipped with a tow hitch. In his response to the inquiry, Weckbach explained that the “demand for hitches in the (sports sedan) segment is low.” The Porsche exec also provided some details about the Taycan’s Winter Package, which would include heated seats in both front and rear, a heated steering wheel, and a heat pump. The Porsche exec noted that the Winter Package would be available as an option.

That said, perhaps the most interesting piece of information from Weckbach’s brief, written Q&A, are some tidbits about the Taycan’s battery pack. Porsche has noted that the upcoming electric car’s lithium-ion battery pack would be liquid cooled, enabling impressive performance and acceleration figures. The exec also noted that the size of the Taycan’s battery would be around 90 kWh, placing it just below the Model S’ largest battery pack to date and putting it in the same range as the Jaguar I-PACE.

The Porsche Taycan is the first all-electric car from the established carmaker. True to the company’s spirit, the Taycan boasts impressive specs, from its 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds, its top speed of 155 mph, and its range of 310 miles per charge. Just like its iconic vehicles like the legendary Porsche 911, the carmaker notes that the Taycan would be at home at the racetrack being driven hard around corners and bends. As pointed out by a Porsche brand ambassador in an email to an auto journalist last month, the Taycan would be offered in three models — an entry-level version, a mid-range variant called the Taycan 4S, and a range-topping version dubbed the Taycan Turbo, which would likely cost over $130,000 before options.

The Porsche Taycan is expected to start production sometime this year at the company’s Zuffenhausen site.

Porsche exec discusses Taycan battery size, winter package, and final design
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