Porsche warns supply chain issues are affecting EV production

(Credit: Porsche AG)

Porsche AG has warned that supply chain issues were causing disruptions in its electric vehicle production. Despite this, the carmaker remained optimistic about its BEV sales target since luxury demand has proven resilient, but the issues could point to slower growth in China and Europe.

During a media call following Porsche AG’s half-year results, Chief Financial Officer Lutz Meschke noted that the company is facing “major challenges” in securing essential components like high voltage heaters. These challenges have cast a shadow on whether Porsche could achieve its target of having its battery electric vehicles account for about 12-14% of the company’s total sales. 

Porsche Chief Executive Oliver Blume stated that supply chain issues were a constant occurrence, making flexibility essential. “There is no week where we have no supply chain issue. We have to be very flexible,” he said, as noted in a Reuters report. The CFO also noted that the latter half of the year would need to have a far better supply situation for the company to achieve its EV sales targets. 

Despite the challenges it is currently facing, Porsche nonetheless reported a 10.7% increase in operating profit, reaching 3.85 billion euros ($4.25 billion) for the first half of 2023. In the same time period, the company’s revenue also rose by 14% to 20.43 billion euros ($22.6 billion).

Porsche’s deliveries also showed a 14.7% improvement from the previous year, suggesting that a recovery from the production setbacks faced during the same period in the past year is underway. Setbacks last year were triggered by a variety of factors, such as the lockdowns in China during the second quarter. 

Porsche noted that there is a slower-than-expected recovery in the Chinese market and a potential slowdown in the German market. Despite this, Blume was optimistic as the luxury market is more resilient than the mass market. He also noted that the company has so far managed to maintain pricing consistency on increasing sales, helping offset higher costs.

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