Renault CEO calls for Auto European plan to protect against ‘onslaught of EVs from China’

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Renault CEO Luca de Meo released a 19-page open letter to Europe describing an auto European plan to protect against the ‘onslaught of electric vehicles (EV)’ coming from China.” 

Meo stated that the center of the global automotive market has gravitated toward Asia. He pointed out that electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids account for 14% of global car sales, led by Asian automakers.

“China is making rapid inroads into the all-electric vehicle segment. Buoyed by its huge domestic market (8.5 million electric vehicles sold in 2023, according to the Chinese Passenger Car Association, or 60% of the global total), it already had [a] market share of close to 4% in Europe in 2022. In 2023, around 35% of electric vehicles exported worldwide were Chinese. 

“As a logical consequence of this trend, European imports from China have increased fivefold since 2017…The brands with the highest exports in the first half of 2023 were MG and BYD. They were followed by Tesla, which ships the Model Y from its Shanghai plant to Europe,” writes de Meo. 

Non-Asian automakers have made moves to strengthen ties with China as it becomes a rising power in the global automotive market. In January, Volkswagen changed its Board of Management and reassigned Thomas Ullrich as the Chief Technology Officer in China to establish connections and develop future technologies in the region. 

Stellantis is another automaker seeking to strengthen its ties with China’s auto industry. Last year, it signed a supply agreement with Chinese battery supplier CATL. Stellantis also invested in China-based Leapmotor to expand global EV sales.

Tesla also has ties to China through Gigafactory Shanghai. Tesla Giga Shanghai has become the company’s main export hub, delivering Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to certain countries worldwide.

China isn’t Europe’s only rival in the ever-growing auto industry, either. According to de Meo, the United States is also increasing its efforts in the expanding global EV market. He specifically mentions the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which was passed in the U.S. to boost investments in North America

In his letter, de Meo lists 10 projects Europe must start to catch up to China and the United States’ EV industries. Number three on the list is a European Marshall Plan that would create a fund for the growth of a Europe-based EV industry. 

De Meo’s proposal is based on the United States’ Economic Recovery Act of 1948, signed by President Truman. It was also known as the Marshall Plan because it was proposed by Secretary of State George Marshall. The primary purpose of the Marshall Plan was to provide economic assistance to Europe so it could restore its economic infrastructure after World War II.

Read Renault CEO Luca de Meo’s full letter below!

Renault CEO Calls for Auto European Plan to Protect Against ‘Onslaught of EVs From China’ by Maria Merano on Scribd

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