Rivian R1Ts spotted running cold weather tests in Alaska

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian R1T refresh units are speculated to be doing some tests before a rumored launch later this year. Rivian R1T pickup trucks were spotted running cold weather tests in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Rivian trucks were covered in camouflage wraps, hinting that the units might be R1T refresh models.

The camouflaged Rivian R1Ts are speculated to be testing upgrades on the all-electric truck designs. Most opinions are leaning toward Rivian testing a heat pump for better winter performance. 

Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation invites companies to conduct cold weather testing in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

“Make Fairbanks, Alaska your deep freeze destination. A place where the winters get cold and stay cold…Considered an Arctic Tundra and located close to the Arctic Circle, it is one of the best places in the world to conduct extreme weather testing. Fairbanks’ cold season lasts 6 months or longer any given year, allowing ample time to evaluate, conduct tests, and get results!” Stated the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation’s website.

Fairbanks experiences extremely low temperatures. It usually experiences below-zero (Fahrenheit) temperatures from November to March. Temperatures below -34° C (-30° F) are typical from December to February in Fairbanks. 

Last year, a member of Rivian Forums received a tip that the electric car company would launch R1T and R1S refresh units this year. The tip reportedly came from a source close to the matter. According to the source, Rivian would also be rolling out a new trim in its lineup called “Ascent.” 

In March, Rivian is set to unveil its next-generation R2 compact SUV. Rivian might have some advanced design or car components in the R2 that it could roll out to its older models, hence the rumored upgrades later this year.

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