Rivian starts R1T with Max Pack deliveries to customers

Rivian confirmed with Teslarati that it has started delivering R1T Max Pack trucks to customers. 

Earlier this week, Rivian Forum members noticed that the R1S Max Pack appeared on the company configurator. They also noticed that the R1T Max Pack button appeared on Rivian’s inventory shop—although it could not be selected at the time. Rivian reached out to Teslarati following the report to confirm the news. 

The electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer also confirmed that the R1S with Max Pack can be configured on the company order page. Rivian told Teslarati it has started inviting customers to configure R1S units with Max Packs.

The R1T with Max Pack delivers up to 410 miles of EPA-estimated range, making it the all-electric pickup truck with the longest range on the market. Rivian added that the R1S Max Pack with its Dual-Motor AWD powertrain delivers up to 400 miles of EPA-estimated range. Rivian stated that the R1S Dual-Motor AWD variant with Max Pack has the longest range for a seven-seater electric SUV.

In an interview, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe predicted the company would reach profitability soon

“That is improving quarter over quarter, so we’re seeing significant progress,” Scaringe said in the interview with the manufacturing plant seen behind him. “And what we’re going to see as we go forward is a very clear staircase or step, set of steps, that get us to profitability as a business.”

On Wednesday, Rivian announced plans to offer $1.5 billion green convertible senior notes to qualified institutional buyers. The announcement came after Rivian reported delivering 15,564 units in the third quarter and reaffirmed its 2023 guidance of 52,000 units for the year.

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Rivian starts R1T with Max Pack deliveries to customers
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