SpaceX Starlink may land in Sri Lanka next

Credit: Starlink/X

SpaceX’s Starlink may land in Sri Lanka next after President Ranil Wickremesinghe approved the satellite internet service. 

President Wickremesinghe greenlit the launch of Starlink internet in Sri Lanka over the weekend. He announced the project on social media and provided further details on Starlink’s potential in Sri Lanka. 

Starlink internet may launch in Sri Lanka after a two-week public consultation period. 

“Starlink’s implementation will be transformative for Sri Lankans, especially those struggling to stay connected with reliable, high-speed internet. This advancement will significantly improve connectivity across the country, which is crucial for inclusion in the digital economy and maintaining communications in remote areas and during natural disasters,” noted President Wickremesinghe. 

The immediate reaction to Starlink’s potential launch in Sri Lanka was that SpaceX’s internet service would not be affordable. According to World Population Review, the average cost of internet in Sri Lanka is about  $10 a month. Based on data gathered in 2022, Sri Lanka’s broadband internet services usually provide an average download speed of 22.51 Mbps. The country’s broadband internet services provide an average upload rate of 6.9 Mbps. For mobile internet on tablets and smartphones, Sri Lankan internet providers usually offer download speeds of 18.3 Mbps and upload speeds of 7 Mbps. 

Some people have argued that Starlink internet services would benefit Sri Lankan schools in remote areas, similar to those in Brazil. Also, SpaceX would likely consider affordability before rolling out Starlink prices in the country. Starlink internet doesn’t cost the same in the 99 other countries it serves worldwide

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